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Who We Are!

Over 87 years ago, the founding families of our wonderful beach community created the Mastic Beach Property Owners Association (M.B.P.O.A.) a volunteer civic association. Our membership takes pride in our association and enjoy being members. The people who call themselves members of the M.B.P.O.A. are of the greatest character. They quietly and humbly take care of our properties and run family friendly events the whole community can enjoy. 

Because of the members selfless generosity, the M.B.P.O.A. is able to run these public marinas and waterfront well below municipal pricing. They are the people who make Mastic Beach a special place. We are so proud that they chose to be a part of this wonderful civic association.


Looking for the perfect venue for your next event? Slip to dock your boat? Give us a call.

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The Clubhouse at the MBPOA welcomes members and their guests with an air of sophistication and elegance. The MBPOA prides itself on providing all members and guests with a truly neighborly experience. The moment you step inside our Clubhouse it is clear that the MBPOA is not just a club; it’s a way of life.

The MBPOA's volunteer staff will help you plan and execute your event with minimal effort. From holiday parties, to showers, and wedding receptions; The MBPOA Clubhouse offers beautiful facilities, with courteous assistance, so your special occasion is sure to be a memorable and successful event. 

The MBPOA’s warm, friendly atmosphere is complemented by our exclusive, private party options. The Club's banquet room is meticulously maintained and decorated. We comfortably accommodate up to 175 guests. The Clubhouse bar was renovated in 2009 as was the exterior of the building in 2012.

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At Mastic Beach Property Owners Association, we strive to foster a sense of belonging and connectedness in our community. Our organization has been serving the greater Mastic Beach area for years, and we are proud to continue to provide a variety of community events that bring residents together. Whether it’s a holiday celebration, a local charity fundraiser, or a group clean-up project, we are dedicated to hosting events that help create a stronger, more vibrant community.

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Mastic Beach Property Owners, led by Kevin Collins, is dedicated to supporting and advocating for local communities in Mastic Beach. As a lifelong resident, I have seen the area go through its ups and downs, and I understand the unique issues that affect our community. Our organization works towards improving the quality of life for all residents and addressing the challenges we face collectively. Join our efforts today!

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