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Our History

July 30th, 1940
An important date in the history of the MBPOA. On this date, a deed was filed between the Home Guardian Company and the MBPOA. For the sum of $1, the MBPOA assumed all the public land held by the Home Guardian Company. The land on the waterfront ran for 6.5 miles and included Pattersquash Creek, the marinas in section 1 and 5, the swimming beaches and the clubhouse at the corner of Neighborhood Road and Orchid Drive. The taxes and upkeep of the land and clubhouse became the responsibility of the MBPOA. The MBPOA can not sell, mortgage, or dispose of any property, it must remain forever wild. All the parkland and the clubhouse are for the use and benefit of the members of the MBPOA.

The MBPOA bought 12 acres of land on Fire Island. The land went from the bay to the ocean and was 695 feet long and 1,500 feet wide. The association paid $7,200 for the property. To pay for the purchase 1,000 members pledged to pay $8 each. In 1967 Suffolk County made the property part of the county park system. The MBPOA received $51,000 for the land. The money still remains in a bank account for the MBPOA to borrow against.

There was a fire at the MBPOA clubhouse. The first regatta was held that summer and weekly teen dances were held at the clubhouse. Marina 5 was bulk-headed. Electric and water were installed at Marina 1.

A recreation committee was established and the club would be open for social and recreational purposes. Mondays were card parties, Tuesdays were dances, Fridays were old-timers night. These events continued until 1964.

The snapper derby was started in 1970 in conjunction with the Mastic Beach Yacht Club. This tradition still continues today.

In the 80's
Due to waning membership, members could come from anywhere within the 11951 zip code. People outside of 11951, were accepted as associate members. In 1982, a dispute arose with the Suffolk County Board of Health over requirements at the MBPOA beaches. The county claimed that the beaches had to have hot and cold running water, sanitary facilities, and certified lifeguards. Due to the cost of the county requirements, the association abandoned all the swimming beaches. By 1985, all the buildings that remained at the beaches had been demolished. Leaving no trace that a community beach had ever been in Mastic Beach.

Marina 5 fell into disrepair and plans to refurbish it were put in place and completed by 1987. MBPOA meetings were all now held on the first Thursday of every month. The IRS declared that the MBPOA was a not-for-profit civic association.

The MBPOA had it's first woman president and the quality of life committee was created.

Was a busy year for the MBPOA, Marina 1 was in a state of decay. A five year bulk-heading project was started that eventually replaced all but the north bulkhead. A boardwalk was added with new water and electric service. The park which was located behind boat slips was moved to the southeast corner of the marina and a pump-out station was purchased.

In the 90's
Over the years, the MBPOA has grown and has helped to make the area of Mastic Beach a better place to live. Meetings are held at the clubhouse on the first Thursday of every month at 7:30pm. The MBPOA operates 2 marinas which charge low rates for members. Boat ramps are available at each marina and season passes can be obtained. 

The Incorporated Village of Mastic Beach sues the Mastic Beach Property Owners Association for our lands because of an antiquated clause in our property deed from the Home Guardian Company written in 1940. 

Our board and membership voted and made a decision in order to heal the community of Mastic Beach and to protect the assets that mean the most to us. The Village of Mastic Beach sued us for all our properties in 2011. We, as an association run by the Property Owners of Mastic Beach who are members in good standing, decided to give away our lands known as Marina 5, the Pattersquash Creek Stick Docks, and 6 miles of waterfront to the Village of Mastic Beach in order to resolve the lawsuit and keep the properties most vital to the membership and the organization. Bob DeBona Memorial Marina, The Clubhouse, and Member's Washington Beach. 

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